About Tom

Tom Brayer believes beer and real estate have a lot more in common than one might think. And that’s why he's taking what he’s done in his 25 years of growing Harpoon Brewery into one of the most successful craft beer brands into his passion for real estate. Tom knows his experience as Vice President of Sales will seamlessly transfer to real estate sales because he believes both businesses come down to the same fundamentals: connection with the customer, a well-thought-out strategic focus and a true desire to make the experience positive. Tom will use his strong negotiating skills and analytical/pricing ability alongside his honesty and integrity to achieve his commitment to exceed your goals with every interaction he has with you. As someone who has purchased and renovated several investment properties over the years, Tom understands all sides of the real estate transaction as well as what is needed to make things run smoothly — especially from the customer end. In each of his ventures he had high expectations of the service he needed to achieve his desired outcome and make the process as stress free as possible. These experiences have also helped him hone his real estate pricing skills as well as given him a solid understanding of the South Shore market. Tom and his family have been active in the Duxbury community since falling in love with the South Shore in 1991. As a family, the Brayers have seen three children through the Duxbury school system and participated in numerous community activities including the Duxbury Beach Preservation Society, Pilgrim Church, scouts, music, sports and robotics. Tom looks forward to not only helping you buy or sell your home, but also to truly connecting with you. And, let’s be honest, he’s also looking forward to raising a glass to toast your new adventure! Because, remember, beer and real estate have a lot in common.

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